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How to Care for Your Under Nails

Tips for Daily Nail Care

If there is one area of your body that accumulates dirt quickly – it’s your under nails. The hand is one of the busiest parts of the body. From cooking to opening tins, sweeping and cleaning, you name it; the hand performs all the tasks.

Specks of dirt usually find their way into the nails because the hand comes in contact with a lot of dirt.

Keeping short nails reduces how much dirt can accumulate in them. But if you keep long nails, there is every chance that dirt lurks there all the time. Regular and thorough cleaning will eject all kinds of dirt and bacteria from your nails.

There are nail salons in Colorado Springs where you can have your nails well-manicured and pedicured.

But if you are a ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) person, you may want to clean your nails yourself. If you want to know how to clean under nails, you are reading the right article.

How to clean under your nails

how to clean under nails

Dirt such as soil, paint, oil, grease, etc. can make your fingernails dirty. When this happens, you wash your nails. Many people clean their nails themselves, but they do not do it the right way.

Here is how to clean your under nails properly:

1. Wash your hands

The first step is to wash your hands thoroughly. It is best to use dish soap to wash your hands. Dish soap cuts oil and dissolves grease. Using dish soap to wash your hands will clean off the dirt. If it is not properly clean, it will reduce the dirt build up under the nails.

Use the soap specially made for your kind of work. For instance, if you work with grease and machine oil, get industrial hand cleaner.

Use the soap immediately you finish working. While washing your hands, upturn your hands so that the water can flow under your nails. Wash the under nails area with the tip of your fingers.

2. Use a Washcloth

You can use a washcloth to clean under your nails. You can make a small pointed tip with it. With the washcloth, you can get that hidden dirt from those hard-to-reach areas.

3. Pat your hands dry

After washing your hands, pat them dry with a soft cloth. You will be able to use the orange stick and other instruments better if your hands are dry.

4. Cuticle Stick

If washing does not remove all the dirt from under your nails, use a cuticle stick. The cuticle stick is also called an orange stick. Gently pick the nails with it. Place the stick under one end of your fingernail. Then, slide it from one end to the other.

5. Use Cream and lotions

After washing your hands, apply hand lotion or cream. These products will keep your hands and nails healthy. It will also take care of your skin.

Tips for Daily Nail Care

Taking care of your under nails will prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Caring for your nails and under nails daily adds up. It is better to regularly clean your nails than to accumulate dirt and bacteria for long and bulk clean.

  • Wash your nails:

Always wash your hands and pay attention to your nails and under them. When you have your bath or wash plates or clothes, get soapy water under your nails.

  • Clean your nails:

Always clean your nails thoroughly daily. Accumulating dirt under your nails is not healthy. You can clean your nails with manicure tools for effective cleaning.

How Not to Handle your Nails

nail salons Colorado Springs

How you use your hands and what you use it for determines the amount of dirt that accumulates in your nails. While it is necessary to clean your mails often, how you go about it matters. Here are some tips on how not to clean the under of your nails:

1. Trimming:

One way of keeping dirt away from your hands is to keep your nails short. If you do not keep nails at all, dirt will hardly stay under it. It follows in logic that if you keep shorter nails, it will retain lesser dirt. With this fact in mind, it is essential to trim your nails regularly.

A practice that is not healthy for your nails is trimming them with a blunt blade. Use a sharp blade or a file. Filing the nails is better because it gives it an even length.

Another unhealthy practice is to bite the nails off. People usually bite their nails, to reveal the dirt and clean them off. Biting your nails seems a quicker way of getting the job done. However, it is not healthy for your nails. Also, it seldom gives you a smooth and even cut.

2. Cleaning:

Cleaning your nails is good. It prevents accumulating specks of dirt under your fingernails and keeps your nails healthy. It is not fit to clean your nails with harsh soap products. There are products specially made for nails. There are salons in Colorado Springs where you can get quality products for the right prices.

3. Don’t Insert items under your nails:

It is not advisable to insert anything under your fingernails to clean them. Things such as folded money, nails, the tip of a pen, and folded paper are not healthy. Apart from the possibility of hurting your nails, these items are not hygienic for your nails and cuticles.

4. Proper Hygiene:

If you decide to go to a salon to clean your nails and under nails, ensure that they maintain proper hygiene. Ensure that the manicure tools are well sterilized and clean.  Better still, you can go with your devices if you cannot guarantee the state of their instruments.


Caring for your under nail is essential and should be regular. If you are in Colorado Springs, cleaning your nails in a salon is not difficult as there are certified salons. If you chose to do it the DIY method, these tips would set you off on the right foot.